Grass Pickerel Watercolour Print - Art for a Cause

Grass Pickerel Watercolour Print - Art for a Cause

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A R T  for a  C A U S E

20% of print and sticker sales from this piece will go to support conservation initiatives and organizations.

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Grass Pickerel (Esox americanus vermiculatus

Probably more often confused as a juvenile northern pike than correctly identified, the grass pickerel is arguably the cutest member of the genus Esox (Pikes) and is unfortunately listed as a Species at Risk (SAR) in Ontario. As a species that thrives in thick vegetative cover in shallow wetlands, their status as Special Concern can be attributed to habitat loss and degradation from the disturbance and removal of macrophytes from wetlands, the loss of wetland habitat altogether, as well as other activities impairing habitat quality. For more information on the grass pickerel, please see the links below.

Printed on acid-free, archival velvet fine art paper.

Limited Edition: This print is limited to 50 reproductions, assigned as follows:
1 through 5 - 16" x 20"
6 through 15 - 12" x 16"
16 through 35 - 8" x 10"
36 through 50 - 5" x 7"

Prints are shipped with backing board inside a cellophane sleeve, inside a rigid photo mailer for added protection. Larger prints (12"x16" and 16"x20") are shipped rolled inside a mailing tube*.

All prints are hand-signed and placement of signature may vary.

All artworks are derived from originals by Abby Wynia, are subject to copyright and are not for reproduction or reuse.

* To flatten a rolled print, carefully remove the print from the tube and on a clean, dry, flat surface gently unroll the print (facing paper down) using clean, weighted objects to hold down corners. Keep facing paper intact with the print as this will protect the artwork from unexpected dust, hair, pollen, etc. on the surface used for flattening the print. Once unrolled and each corner weighted, leave the print overnight (or longer) until the print is flattened enough for framing.

Grass Pickerel Links: